Legal Ethics & Practice Management


The State Bar Act, the California Rules of Court, and the Rules of Professional Conduct can affect the business aspects of your law practice, in such areas as

  • Registration of Law firm LLP or PC
  • Advertising
  • Websites
  • Fee Sharing with other attorneys
  • Trust Account maintenance and recordkeeping
  • Statutory disclaimers for workers compensation and immigration cases
  • Disposing of your quantum meruit fees in your will or trust

Did you know:

  • You have to maintain an e-mail address for the State Bar to contact you.
  • MCLE audits have become more prevalent and thus more attorneys are being disciplined.
  • The Board of Trustees is mulling over trust account audits.

There are also ethical aspects to client relations, such as

  • Attorney Client fee agreements (lien clause, settlement power, costs).
  • Withdrawal from client matters.
  • Fee disputes.
  • Case file retention and destruction.
  • Interest on overdue bills, or on advanced costs.

Who has the right to the original client file? In today's electronic age, what is the "original"?

Law Firm Changes & Attorney transitions:

  • When your solo practice becomes a partnership, or when you decide to retire, certain issues arise under the laws and regulations.
  • The proper way to label lateral transfers who are not California attorneys on your website and stationery.
  • The rules governing out of state attorneys, depending upon what role they play in California.