California Legal Ethics & State Bar Defense

More Than 85 Years of Attorney Experience

More Than 55 Years Advising and Representing Attorneys

We defend attorneys in State Bar investigations and prosecutions. We represent law students and Bar applicants before the Committee of Bar Examiners. We also provide attorneys with legal ethics advice and consultations in all issues that arise in the practice of law. Our range of past experience includes advising attorneys who practice in fields such as personal injury, adoptions, estates, business formation, immigration, bankruptcy, and administrative agencies.

We have the sort of experience one gets after advising thousands of attorneys and law students. We are practical, knowledgeable, and efficient.

California Professional Responsibility Attorneys

State Bar Defense: The best defense is a closed investigation. We will help you prepare your accurate, measured responses to inquiries and, if need be, provide State Bar Court defense.

Client Problems: When the attorney client relationship turns sour, there are good ways and bad ways to solve the problems, and they are not cookie cutter solutions. We look ahead to how your actions will be viewed by State Bar prosecutors, civil malpractice lawyers, and fee arbitrators. We can tell what has worked and not worked for lawyers in the past, and what your current options are.

Conflicts and Disqualification: You can be disqualified with a "substantial relationship" even if you don’t have a true conflict of interest. Whether preparing a conflict waiver, or preparing P&A’s for a disqualification motion, we’ve done it before.

Practice Management: Even the business aspects of law practice are governed by the Rules of Professional Conduct. Whenever you have a question about what you can or cannot do, we will help you make an informed decision.

Admissions and Moral Character Applications: The Moral Character Application is more important than the Bar Exam. If you need to explain anything, do it right the first time. If you are a lateral transfer, you not only get to go through the process from scratch, but you will have to explain just what you were doing in California while waiting to become licensed here.

Other Professional Challenges: We are available for all professional challenges that arise from sanctions, criminal prosecution, self-reporting certain adverse rulings, and explaining those trust account reports from your bank to the State Bar.


Fishkin & Slatter LLP Legal Ethics, State Bar Defense, and Practice Management.

"The law is interested in the regeneration of erring attorneys, and in the enforcement of a sound discipline its disposition ought not to be to place unnecessary burdens upon them.
Petition of Gaffney (1946) 28 Cal.2d 761, 764 [171 P.2d 873, 874]"