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Providing Testimony Concerning Attorney Ethical Standards

Case law permits both sides in litigation to offer expert testimony about attorney ethical standards. At Fishkin & Slatter LLP, in Walnut Creek, we have been providing expert witness testimony regarding legal ethics throughout California for over fifteen years.

Any time the conduct of an attorney is called into question there is a potential need for expert testimony. In any case where the rights, duties, and obligations of an attorney are in dispute, we can testify on your duties.

Expert Witness Jerome Fishkin


Expert Testimony History

In addition to his experience as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants, Jerome Fishkin has practiced law since 1971. He had a general practice in San Francisco. He was a research attorney. Since 1983, he has worked in the area of legal ethics. For nine years he was a State Bar prosecutor for the state of California. In 1992 he opened his own law firm, where he provides defense representation to attorneys facing disciplinary proceedings. He frequently lectures on and has authored many articles related to legal ethics and practice management.

Expert Witness Lindsay Slatter


Expert Testimony History

Lindsay Slatter has been an attorney for over thirty years, and has focused her attention on matters pertaining to State Bar disciplinary defense since 1990. Ms. Slatter has taught many courses and classes on legal ethics and is the author of numerous published articles on legal ethics and attorney licensure issues. She is an experienced expert witness on the duties of California attorneys and the limits of those duties.

Practicing Lawyers

At Fishkin & Slatter LLP, we are practicing lawyers. We know how to communicate effectively with judges, juries, and other lawyers. Our writing on legal ethics is geared towards the reality of daily practice, not textbooks. Understanding the law is only half the battle. Knowing how to communicate it effectively is the other half.

Leaders in Attorney Ethics

Jerome Fishkin and Lindsay Slatter are members of APRL, the national Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers. We are founding members of ADDC, California's Association of Disciplinary Defense Counsel. Jerome is now first Vice President of ADDC.

Jerome Fishkin argued successfully for quantum meruit in lieu of fee forfeiture in Huskinson & Brown v Wolf (2004) 32 Cal 4th 453. His articles have been cited in Matter of Van Sickle (2006) 4 Cal St Bar Ct Rptr 2006; and in West's annotations to Rule 3-700, CCP 473.1, Bus & Prof 6147, and Bus & Prof 6190.

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We have been providing our fellow California attorneys with expert witness testimony regarding legal ethics since the 1990's. Contact us today for more information.