Firm Overview

We represent and advise attorneys and law students

California Attorneys:

We represent attorneys in State Bar investigations and prosecutions. We also advise attorneys before matters reach that stage. A typical ethics issue involves problems with opposing counsel or your own clients. However, it may relate to office management, judges, leaving your former law firm, or any other matter that comes under the State Bar Act or the Rules of Professional Conduct.

Out of State Attorneys

We advise on issues involving lateral transfers, registered in-house counsel, pro hac vice, and issues that arise when attorneys in other states have to do business in California.

Law Students

We advise students on moral character applications as well as represent them in moral character interviews. We can help you plan for the process while you are a law student or while you are an undergraduate.

A wide swath of applicable law

In addition to the Rules of Professional Conduct and the State Bar Act, there are about 100 reported cases each year on attorney conduct issues. We read them all. We follow the ethics opinions of the State Bar, and several local county bar associations that also publish them. All three of us belong to APRL, a national organization of professional responsibility attorneys, and ADDC, a statewide group of attorneys who represent other attorneys at the State Bar.

Individual attention to each client’s exposure

We understand that each situation is different. A lawyer may be dealing with a toxic client or an aggravating opposing counsel. You need to correct a problem appropriately, while keeping in mind your attorney duties and how your solution will play out in a sanction motion, malpractice suit, fee dispute, or a State Bar disciplinary action.

As a student, you may have dealt with an honor code violation, a difficult professor, a DUI, or a problem in your past. Your solutions must be true to yourself and must also be effective. Don’t exacerbate a manageable problem with an amateur solution.

The Law Changes Daily

There are over one hundred appellate court rulings every year which govern the work of California lawyers. We read the State Bar Court Reporter, the published decisions of the California Courts of Appeals, and the California Supreme Court. See our What’s New Page

We also follow Federal cases that affect the practice of attorneys in California. The actions of attorneys can also be affected by published decisions of bankruptcy courts, Tax Court, and United State regulatory agencies. We make it our job to know the latest rulings, so we can get you the most up-to-date information possible.