Client Problems

Fee Agreements:

Do you know when your lien must comply with the business transaction rules? Do you know what special clauses are required when your fees are partially contingent and partially hourly.

Joint Clients:

Many lawyers and judges assume that all multiple client relationships have automatic conflicts of interest. When there is no conflict of interest, a conflict consent may create liability when none truly exists. But when there is no conflict, it is advisable to have a written consent to joint representation.

Keeping a troublesome case:

When the client relationship goes sour, you may want to make the effort to keep the client rather than fire the client. We can help you design the approach to the client that helps clarify your choice, one way or the other.

Withdrawal from a case:

You don't need good cause to withdraw from a troublesome client matter. You do have to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct as you do so. For particularly messy cases, we can help you plan the withdrawal so as to minimize exposure to malpractice claims, fee disputes, or State Bar cases.

Billing for Fun and Profit:

Clients hate sticker shock. Clients want value for their money. We can give you a few billing tips that will help show clients why your bill is a good investment in their future.